Q: I'm stuck on a puzzle in my magazine, and I want to start using SudokuSolver at the problem spot rather than starting over from scratch. What's the best way to update the puzzle in SudokuSolver to match my magazine version?

A: First, select With Assistance. Then, solve the cells in SudokuSolver that you have completed in your magazine. The quickest way to do this is to select each cell and click on the "S" key on your keyboard. Once you've done that, you can update your candidates too. With Use Candidates and Candidates mode selected, click on the visible candidates in individual cells to add or delete them to match the current state of your magazine puzzle. Or, if you'd like SudokuSolver to update the candidates for you, click on Auto-Update Candidates.

Q: Is there a quicker way to switch between Candidates mode and Answer mode than clicking the buttons each time?

A: Yes. Simply press the space bar to switch from the currently selected mode to the opposite mode.

Q: Why do all the deduction techniques focus on eliminating candidates?

A: A cell's solution is determined by eliminating candidates until only one remains. While applying a single deduction may not narrow down any cells to just one candidate, every deduction eliminates at least one candidate somewhere, and that's progress!

Q: Do I have to use every single deduction in the deductions list to solve the puzzle?

A: No. The list of deductions that appears when you click on Search for Deductions simply shows what's currently available based on the present state of the puzzle. The list of deductions will change each time you click on Search for Deductions, based on what cells are solved and what candidates remain.

Q: I have a cell that has only one candidate remaining in it, yet it isn't marked as a Direct Solve. SudokuSolver is calling it an Indirect Solve. What does that mean?

A: A cell is only a Direct Solve when the solved cells in its row, column, or block make only one value possible for that cell. A cell is an Indirect Solve when its solution becomes apparent after candidates have been eliminated (either in that cell or elsewhere) by using deductive techniques. So even though the cell you see has only one candidate remaining, and thus is easily solvable, it is not technically a Direct Solve unless its ultimate value is based on solved cells.

Q: I prefer working Without Assistance, but I wish SudokuSolver could update my candidates once in a while, on demand, to reduce my busywork. Can it?

A: For a one-time sweep to update candidates, simply switch temporarily to With Assistance and click on Auto-Update Candidates. Then you can switch back to Without Assistance and continue solving on your own.

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