How Much Help Do You Want?

You've found the puzzle you want to solve and you're raring to go! The first thing you need to decide is if, and how much, you want SudokuSolver to help you. The With Assistance and Without Assistance options allow you to do just that.

Designed first and foremost as a tutor, SudokuSolver opens with With Assistance automatically selected. If you are working With Assistance, SudokuSolver will alert you immediately if you make a mistake. Also, working With Assistance allows you to take advantage of all of SudokuSolver's powerful help features, which are described in detail in the Using the Solver tab. But if you prefer to solve with no assistance whatsoever, change to Without Assistance, which will deactivate the help features.

We suggest that you review each of the Solver's help features before you decide what will be the most useful to you. See Use Candidates, Auto-Update Candidates, Show Direct Solves, Show Explanations, Search for Deductions, and Apply this Deduction under the Using the Solver tab.

Check out the Solving Tips tab for in-depth descriptions of the deductive solving techniques that SudokuSolver is designed to teach you - techniques that are essential for solving harder puzzles. When you click on Search for Deductions while solving, the Solver will highlight opportunities to use these techniques.

Even if you're a beginner, SudokuSolver can help! See the Getting Started section in the Solving Tips tab for an introduction to the basics.